Sample Essay

However, since Facebook is an Internet-base site, organizations have little control over the activities of their employees on Facebook Being a public website, Facebook also implements strict privacy mechanism which also hampers organizational efforts to monitor the performance of their employees and hence advising them in a more specific ways to improve their performance. Furthermore, with the use of Facebook, the chances of employees wasting their time in activities which does not contribute toward their productivity also increases. Furthermore, there is also a chance of company’s private or confidential information being given out to public deliberately or as a result of a mistake, since the user profile may also contain people from outside the organizations.

This has led many organizations to ban or block the use of Facebook within the organization’s premises. In a survey carried out by Robert Half Technology, it was found that 54% of the US companies had totally banned the access to Facebook for their employees, while only 19% allowed the use of the website for business purpose only.

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