Sample Essay

Consider this Roger Scruton’s argument about the theme of monogamy in the Islamic world and read story from “The Arabian Nights” (Known in the Arab world as The Thousand and One Nights). Does this story depict the kind of love Scruton upholds are virtuous? Why or why not?

“It (Morality) is a constraint upon reasons for action, which is felt by most rational beings and which is, furthermore, a normal consequence of the possession of the first person perspective (Scruton).”

Roger Scruton finds that love especially erotic love is one where the two people who are involved find mutual satisfaction in one another. He considers the love of two people to be the binding which enhances both. However, he also says that in order to be true to love whether it be in the form of feelings or in the form of physical pleasure the individual must give of him or herself. That it is essentially for the individual to be emotionally invested in the relationship. If the individual does not, then he will have to contend with his lover constantly wanting what he simply cannot provide. He also speaks of the aspect of sexual morality as being equally important in this case. Scruton believes that although sexual desire is a part of nature and can take on many forms such as that of polygamy in Islamic world. It still looks upon infidelity as being a defiance of all moral conventions. Thus, individuals who wish to establish such a connection are in fact bonded to one another.

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