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Another benefit of day 4 transfers is the morphology grading system. The grading system is an extension of the cleavage stage scoring system; therefore an embryo can be selected quickly for transfer without additional training that is required for blastocyst embryo selection (15).

Culturing today four may help perform hatching more safely. Morulae and compacted embryos have a fairly large periviteline space that allows for hatching to be preformed more safely.  Extending embryo culture past early cleavage allows for the PGD results to be completed prior to an embryo transfer. This helps minimize the risk of missed diagnoses. It is possible to improve IVF outcomes and minimize the transfer of chromosomally abnormal embryos by using extended culture combined with PGD.

Another advantage of day four transfers is limiting the need for staff on the weekend.  Day three transfers that fall on a Sunday can be pushed back to a day four transfer on Monday.  This helps avoid the possibility of staff working seven days a week, and also helps cut business costs.

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