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Essay: Museums and National Identity | Term Paper Queen

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Museums are the edifices that are in charge of the preservation, ‘conservation’, ‘collection’, and of the precious items in a country (Okita, 1997, p.132). Museums exert an impact on people’s feeling of identity and belonging or exclusion. In multicultural setting the problem of developing a common ground and establishing priorities arises that is due to the diverse community. The role of museums in ‘preserving, presenting, and promoting cultural and national identity’ is significant in the modern world (Okita, 1997, p.131). The relationship between museums and national identity ‘has been a close and longstanding one’ (Okita, 1997, p.132).

Research Question

  • What is the ethical responsibility of the museums in the development of the national identity and in bringing harmony in the society?
  • What societal role can museums play in developing national identity?
  • What are the problems involved in the impact of museums on national identity and what measures must be taken to solve these problems?
  • What problems can arise in a multicultural setting of a region or a state?

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