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Essay: Museums of the Modern World | Term Paper Queen

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Moreover today the museums are ‘assuming political and economical roles in addition to the cultural ones’ as they are now ‘responding to the whole society rather than to isolate segments’ so is reflected in the idea of ‘ecomuseums and community museums’ (Okita, 1997, p.131). In addition today ‘museum movement’ has taken a ‘positive response towards muliculturalism’ which had been absent in the past (Okita, 1997, p.131).


To conclude it must be stated that museums are not only responsible for ‘collection, conservation, and communication’ but are to be considered as the ‘most appropriate institutions to discharge the ethical responsibility of assuring greater harmony among humanity on the one hand, and between humanity and nature on the other’ (Okita, 1997, p.132).  The National Museum of American Indian, reports Message, in Washington and the Museum of New Zealand Te PapaTongawera are opening spaces for people on the issue as ‘what constitutes citizenship in post colonial multicultural societies’ (Message, 2007, p.235). The problems are mainly due to the ethnic diversity in any community as witnessed in India, Srilanka and the U.S as well. The critics claim that museums represent one section of a community while ignoring others. The ethical and social responsibility of museums is to represent minority with as much emphasis as is on majority.

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