Sample Essay

Goodwin, A. (1990). Sample and Hold:Pop Music in the Digital Age of Reproduction. In S. Frith, On record: rock, pop, and the written world (pp. 258-274). Routledge.

    • Sample and Hold:Pop Music in the Digital Age of Reproduction  is another article written in 1988 while was included in Smith Firth’s book which was published in 1990. This will be used for the purpose of our research.
    • We will look into the prominent features of Andrew Goodwin’s article and his premise on the role of modern technologies that have served to turn musical auteurism into an enormous success.
    • Also discussed in respect to Goodwin will be how the advent of various technologies such as DAT, CD system and new machines such as digital sampling computers, electronic synthesizer have changed the picture of music industry?
    • Music made by machines has not taken ‘pop’s trajectory into electronic or art music’ but has become ‘the chief source of its dance music’. This issue has raised a lot of concern and Goodwin discusses this in detail

 A general discussion – to start with arguments from Gold mark, Kramer and Leppert, and its impact since 1970s.

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