Sample Essay


  1. Defining Auteurism
  • The word ‘auteur’ is used to define a director who so influences the process of film making that it becomes incumbent to call him/her the ‘auteur’ or author of the film.
  • The word is also defined for an artist who leaves an impact on the process of art and leaves his distinctive style on the work itself.

  1. Auteurism in films
  • General discussion on how the relationship between the music and video directorship is getting stronger with the passage of time
  1. Prominent sources and their discourse on the topic
    • Overall the paper will be a combination of comparisons among these sources and a discussion of the concept of musical auteurism by emphasizing on certain singers who represent musical auteurs.

Fidler, T. (2008). Music Video Auteurs: The Directors Label DVDs and the Music Videos of Chris Cunningham, Michel Gondry and Spikes Jonez. English, Communication and Cultural Studies , 1-377.

  • Fidler (2008) discusses how music video is an ‘intriguing genre of television’
  • The final paper will be discuss in thoroughness

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