Sample Essay

Berry’s work, My Face is Black is True, represent the whole history of the African-Americans after the elimination of slavery from the states of the U.S. ‘House and the people she knew’, says Berry, ‘experienced extremely low wages, hard work, illness, and disease in the days after slavery ended’ (Berry, 2006, p.49). ‘But as the ex-slaves aged’, she tells furthe, ‘their problems worsened’ (Berry, 2006, p.49). Moreover ‘families lacked resources for health care and had to scrape together money to pay for funerals’ (Berry, 2006, p.49). The dilemma was that neither ‘land nor education as reparations for poor freedpeople had been achieved by African-American political leaders’ (Berry, 2006, p.49). That was the reason that ‘to Callie House, pensions for ex-slave women and men seemed a worthy cause’ (Berry, 2005, p.49).

The works of Hine, Hine and Harold, The African-American Odyssey, and Perry and Worley’s African-American Literature: An Anthology reflect the history of the African-Americans for the time period for which they were written. The two works differ in there focus but the themes extracted from the works bear resemblance as they discuss the history and culture of African-Americans.

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