Sample Essay

This helped her making decisions effortlessly. According to the cognitive school of thought in psychology, as mentioned earlier that she was good at learning from other’s mistakes, she developed herself into a sensible person. She had the senses of right and wrong according to our culture and society and was ethical enough to prevent herself from committing a blunder. Her visual processing was exceptional. She had the conscience to analyze any given situation, be it a conflict between people; she was full of solutions due to her positive perception. She never scolded people for their bad deeds; instead she provided solutions to other fellows that let them get rid of the conflict and prevent them to commit the deed next time. She was an information portal for all of us and she could process information retained in her mind dynamically.

Describing her behavior, she was a polite and person at heart. She always intended to help others due to the astonishingly sweet nature she possessed. Family traditions and wisdom guided her on the correct path according to the culture and society. Respecting elders, respecting qualities of others and constructive criticism that she did over others’ mistakes made her a complete package of a role model. Predicting that she will lead a prosperous social and marital life, is not an invalid perception. She had qualities that one human would imagine to be there in her life partner. The simplicity of her nature, the straight forward yet constructive attitude she possessed, will secure her future. No such change in her is required since she had all the stuff pre-installed in her.

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