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The true history of the program however goes back to 1945 when then President Harry S. Truman requested congress to create a national health insurance program. Due to the opposition of the Soviets at the time and rejection of communism, the dangers of socialized medicine were fiercely debated for the next 20 years. By the end of his term Truman backed away from his plan for universal health care. However, his rivals in the social security administration and other sections of government ran with the idea of insuring social security benefactors.

When it was signed into law as part of Lyndon Johnson’s great society the Medicare Part B premium was three dollars a month. Part B premium serves the outpatient basis of the medical insurance and is geared towards those individuals who are retired or no longer working. Then in 1972 the program was expanded to include disabled individuals who were under 65 years of age and those with end stage renal disease were also enabled to receive coverage. It also expanded to include chiropractic services and other forms of therapy such as speech and physical therapy. This was also the year that payment to health maintenance organizations began and the supplemental security income for the elderly and disabled poor was established to automatically give these recipients coverage under Medicare.

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