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These opportunist neo-conservatives grabbed the chance to mold the tragic situation of the changing picture of the world in their favor. It can be said the present image of Saudia Arabia available to the world is created by the neo-conservatives who enjoy substantial positions in different spheres of the American society. The U.S foreign policy encompasses influences of multifarious ‘inputs’ which include ‘bureaucratic organizations, lobbyists, the media, strategic allies, strategic adversaries, economic conditions and public opinion’[1].

With so many actors involved in determining the relationship with the other countries the emergence of conflicting and aggressive opinions against a particular country is inevitable. It was the consequence of the impact of the opinions of the neo-conservatives that, only a year after the September attacks, in September 2002, ‘Bush Doctrine’, ‘U.S National Security Strategy’, was released that emphasized the reversal of the previous policies and advocated the unilateral policy based on ‘global military supermacy’ and ‘pre-emptive military strikes’[2]. The doctrine further emphasized the formation of relationship with the Middle East only for the sake of combating terroristic actors and to demolish them. ‘The neo-conservative world view’ and political agenda for the West Asia , maintains Subhan, ‘coincided with the interests and concerns of the right wing Israeli leadership’ because many of the neo-conservatives, as Richard Perle(Head of the influential Policy Board) and Wolfowitz, belonged to the Jewish community[3].

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