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Essay: Nestle Leadership Tasks | Term Paper Queen

Sample Essay

Enhancing personal commitment and courage

  • Motivation to develop people
  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Innovation
  • Ability to accept change
  • Adaptability with the changing environment
  • Credibility and leadership
  • Understanding other cultures

These are the broad set of leadership tasks that are being practiced at Nestle it includes the willingness to take initiative and to keep the cool under pressure situation, setting examples influencing and motivating people and backing them to work more than their potential, sharing of ideas are also welcomed, innovative thinking and continuous improvement, accepting change managing it etc (Nestle, 2009).

In a nutshell it could be said that nestle pays special attention to its employees and they consider them as their most valuable asset. Innovation and advancement in the field is always appreciated. Satisfaction of the employee towards their work life is also a key element that is addressed at nestle.

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