Sample Essay

Mission statement:

If we closely analyze Nestlé’s mission statement it primarily focuses on research and development of its products. The essential element of a healthy life is good quality food and Nestle strives to produce products of its highest quality which would be good for health and at the same time meet the consumers’ requirements of taste and pleasure. There is no end to quality we believe in continuous research for discovering new techniques in health and wellness which we can incorporate into our products.

3. Identify and explain how Nestle establishes and manages relationships with its primary stakeholders.

Relationship with stakeholders:

As part of its responsibility for the betterment of the society Nestle enjoys a very healthy relationship with all its stakeholders. Nestle work with different health organizations to promote the importance of using safe water. They also provide education and awareness programs on the significance of water among their employees, consumers, government and other stake holders.

Nestle believes in honesty, integrity and fairness in all business aspects and expects the same with its suppliers. Nestle deals with only reputable suppliers who meet the quality standards. The quality is monitored and evaluated for continuous improvement in product development.

Nestle believes that people form the strength of the organization and which makes them the organization’s most prized possession. Nestle promotes open communication and active cooperation and everyone is free to contribute in peruse of performance enhancement.

4. Discuss the leadership tasks that are fundamental to Nestles success.

Nestle Core value:

The core values on which nestle focuses are commitment for high quality products and brands. From the very start the founder of nestle Henri Nestle developed a brand by the name of nestle milk cereal which helped in saving the lives of many children. Ever since Nestlé’s primary objective is to produce safe and healthy products for its consumers. The culture at nestle is working with honesty and integrity, relationship that is based on mutual respect, loyalty and with the company etc.

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