Sample Essay

ISPs should set up their dedicated customer care serving the complaints of a consumer in order to ensure net neutrality and assurance of not degrading basic internet services like email, sharing etc. Later it was implemented by FCC agency under CCTC (Giest, 2007).

The idea of consumers complaint centre is critically deceived by Rogers and Telus in a way that it is just the waste of money to cater consumers with their network and internet access problems. The CCTC i.e. Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunication Services is derivative of CRTC and is abiding by the steps taken by Canadian government to avoid net neutrality. Rogers’s personnel completely debase the idea which let all telecommunications service provider become member of CCTS. The idea behind this comment was that they had to resolve for about 4000 complaints and spend $400,000. The point is that when competitive forces are here to race for good services provision what is the need for any ruling commission to monitor the consumer complaints. Similarly a personnel from Telus argues that consumers have right to select the service they want to have then there is no point in being sensitive about their complaints and problems. If a customer is not satisfied, there is a whole world of services to chose. These activities are not letting any company to have competitive advantage. Bell’s personnel share his thoughts and declare a disagreement with the criticism of CCTS. Bibic had been the major one in formulating CCTS agency and is included in the board of directors. This company’s idea is to make CCTS better rather than having a fight on subscribing to it (Nowak, 2008).

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