Sample Essay

Michael Harrington’s The Other America: Poverty in the United States and Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed address the controversial issues of poverty in the United States in their times. The two writers authored the book in different times but the enormous issue of poverty was not vanished from the state of America.

The two authors describe the notion of the poor as they are seen as invisible individuals of the society by the non poor people. Harrrington and Ehrenreich present proposal for the government and the non poor people regarding poverty. The authors, Harrington and Ehrenreich, have addressed the universal issues that are haunting the whole world, no matter it is the poor states or the richer ones (like the U.S.).

The issue of poverty has become so horrendous for the U.S. that there is an acute need for reforms in this sphere. Ehrenrich and Harrington emphasize the issue with such vividity and mastery that their words become more effective than the annual reports issued by the organizations of the United Nations. Harrington’s work is not fiction but exerts a strong impact on the consciousness of the readers. Besides the outbursts by the intelligentsia very few steps were taken to solve the problem of poverty.

The main difference between the works of the two authors is that where Harrington talks about the poor and poverty, Ehrenreich discusses the low wage earners as the center of her argument. While the stance behind the creation of the masterpieces, The Other America and Nickel and Dimed, of the two authors shares semblance to a great extent as both the authors felt acutely the sensitivity of the issue of poverty and played their role in evoking the consciousness of their audience to sense the urgency of the issue.

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