Sample Essay

As this report consists of an innovation in technology, the invention that has been chosen for this paper is Nintendo Gameboy. The report would include a brief summary of the invention, the concept behind it, the need for that technological advancement, the possible hurdles that came in between the innovation process.

Nintendo is considered among the leaders in the videogame console makers. Generally known as Nintendo entertainment system (NES) it was introduced in the year of 1985 and ever since it has been given a stiff competition to its rivals like SEGA, Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. Nintendo has sold up to 1 billion games of various types including Nintendo 64 and Gameboy. Super Mario Bros is considered as Nintendo’s best selling game ever with an estimated 60 million units sold.

After the tremendous success of Nintendo’s handheld game the original game boy was launched in the late 1988. Game boy was the very first product in the market of portable games and it opened a new way for other companies to try their luck in portable games market. The various reasons of game boy’s success included its 160×144 pixel screen, stereo sound and game link feature (Console Information).

Apart from that its lighter weight, long lasting battery and cheap price were also points of success for game boy.  Besides that there have been several technological advancements in game boy. Nintendo has made lots of variation in the original game boy this includes the Game boy pocket which is 30% smaller than the original game boy with equal size screen, the Game boy color it was a colored version of the Game boy and the Game boy advance.

As per research Nintendo has been the pioneer in the gaming industry with its various products. From the original big screen game boy to the most advance Nintendo DS, they have been settling with the market trends and have successfully adopted the technological changes in the industry (Steinberg, 2005).

If we compare the very first Gameboy with the Nintendo DS, the innovation that Nintendo has made throughout these years could be judged very well.  They have made their presence felt in the market with the swift changes to their gaming machinery an example of that could be seen if we compare the original game boy and the Nintendo DS.

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