Sample Essay

The first historians are found to be Egyptians who at some point wrote their events for the first time. The Nile valley associates recorded their customs in their dialect. History of Europe is not found just because they did not store their events in written. The Eurasian pampas are the most suited for nomadic tribal life where as the southern region is suited to an agricultural way of life in a peaceful manner (Carruthers 1977).

Now this organized a social structure exactly as the one produced in old family hierarchies and nomadic tribes into civilizations. Europe’s cold weather with its peaks was best suited for such kind of society. Obviously this region was not inhabited by anyone. Blacks from the southern cradle came there first for business purposes (Carruthers 1977).

If we come towards the dialects, the Indo-European people had the nomadic way of life and their dialects were similar to the dialects of Euro-Asia (Carruthers 1977).

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