Sample Essay

In 1994, The National Institute of Justice reported that about 35% of American households (44 million people) own a multitude of firearms, amounting to a total of 192 million of which handguns constituted 35% (65 million) of the total. This figure was seen to raise to an estimated 242 million firearms by the end of 1996, according to the bureau of Firearms, Tobacco, and Firearms, a figure which included 72 million handguns, 76 million rifles and 64 million shotguns (Krouse, 2002).

According to the Brady background check data, the sale of guns has gone up considerably in 2008 as well as 2009 on account of speculation that Congress under the Democratic regime would usher in a new wave of gun control laws. According to the Department of Justice, almost half of the gun owners own both handguns and shotguns or rifles.  The same data also says that the typical gun owner is from a middle class setting and lives in a rural area. Even though gun ownership varies greatly from state to state, national statistical data suggests that there is a stark co-relation between the percentage of gun related homicides and handgun ownership (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2006).

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