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Essay: Obama Healthcare Plan | Term Paper Queen

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Wall Street Journal believes that legal challenges to Obama health care plan have fizzled out. The most important legal challenge is the government’s stance that health care insurance is obligatory and if one doesn’t buy it, he has to pay a penalty which the government calls it a tax. This is something which encroaches upon freedom of individual rights.

According to the article attorney generals from 14 states consider this as an unheard and unjust use of state power. According to them, it is absurd to compel people to buy a product just to prove that they are law-abiding citizens. Government has limited power in forcing people to make choices while buying goods. People are guaranteed to make free choices in transactions. Compulsion in this matter is just like forcing people to buy cars of a certain make or to drink a particular type of coffee. This is a case of violation of fundamental rights (Wall Street Journal).

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