Sample Essay

In a nut shell if we can analyze the whole situation regarding obesity in US it could be said that in order to get rid of this the whole life style needs to be changed. The normal American have earned the label of work horse with working long hours and not getting enough time for proper exercise or any other physical activity. In pursuit of a luxurious lifestyle and to survive, most of the Americans have indulged themselves into such a hectic lifestyle that gives them hardly any time to look at themselves.

Obesity does not occur because of a single factor rather than it’s a combination of several factors that combines which leads to obesity. This include poorly balanced diets containing way too much fats, oils, sugar etc. another thing that has been prevailing in the American culture is that they focus on good taste rather than good for health. This standard has created problems for the people because most of the food items that they consider as good in taste aren’t good for health (Barbour, 2005).

Apart from the proper diet the American found them self napping on the other side of the picture as well which deals with physical activity. There is a common misconception existing that exercise means heavy workouts till the time you are not able to walk, but this is not the case. A simple 30 minutes walk or working in the garden, or playing with the children would be enough for a day’s exercise. Most of the people believe that there isn’t’ much time for them to exercise. The simple answer to this argument could be presented in the way that if the cost that would be incurred in medication process resulting obesity and other disease caused by obesity would be counted it would be quiet less than the worth of a 30 minute walk. It’s not necessary to climb a mountain in order to remain healthy normal sit ups, pushups and everyday routine jobs would be enough to burn the extra calories consumed that particular day (Barbour, 2005).

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