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Regarding the occurrence of global warming, Paul Hudson, who is the climate correspondent of UK’s largest news agency BBC, also published an article on the BBC website. The article presents opinions from both side of the argument, however, the punch line of the article and the author at some places in the article tend to takes side against the phenomenon or global warming. For example, Paul presents the findings of IPCC which states that the warming of the atmosphere was indeed to global warming however counters this by presenting the view of Piers Corbyn from Weatheraction, in which Piers claims that the affect of solar particles are much more than what is currently accepted.

Furthermore, he also argues against the global warming by highlighting the findings of a research at Western Washington University, which showed that the oceans temperatures have dropped in the last few years instead of rising as it should happen in global warming. However, one argument that can be given against this article is that Mr. Paul Hudson is an employee of BBC; hence his view may contain biases as he has to adhere to the policies of BBC. Also, BBC is for-profit organization, which means it also has a commercial purpose behind information it publishes on its website (Hudson).

One of the most prominently quoted examples to illustrate the effects that global warming is having on the environment is of Amazonian Rainforest. In one of paper published by American Meteorological Society it was argued that global warming was one of the factors that was responsible for the draught of 2005 in Amazonia which caused severe damageĀ  to the region. The article, written by Morengo et al., found that the drought of 2005 was caused due to anomalous shortage of the rainfall in different parts of the Amazon region. This shortage of rain was caused due to change in wind patterns as well as low transfer of moisture which was caused due to three reasons, including the change in sea surface temperature (SST) due to global warming. It was also suggested that the further rise in temperature due to global warming would give rise to droughts like this on a more regular basis. The paper can be considered authentic as all authors of the papers belong to various organizations that are known for their work in the field of climatology such as CPTEC/INPE and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. However, though the authors describe rise in the sea temperature of the Atlantic region as the primary cause of draught, however, the paper did not investigate whether this rise in sea temperature was caused due to global warming or it could have due to the naturally occurring SST trend of the North Atlantic. In fact the paper mentions that the hurricanes occurring in the regions have previously been linked to the change in SST occurring naturally and that only 0.5oC of the temperature rise in the sea surface temperature could be attributed to global warming (Morengo, Nobre and Tomasella).

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