Sample Essay

I. Introduction

The father of modern day Protestant theology, Martin Luther the man behind the creation of Lutheranism was German cleric in the 16th Century. The book in question “Table Talk” is one of his celebrated works though not written by him, is a collection of his thoughts and ideals by his colleagues, students and friends. This thesis will focus on a section of his book entitled “Of the Sacraments of the Lord’s Supper” and provide a critique on Luther’s thoughts in this section (Luther, 2004 p. 129-130).

II. Brief Summary

As mentioned before the book itself is a collection of Luther’s thoughts and ideas by those close to him. These ideas have been written in the form of conversations Luther may have had with a group of friends around the dinner table and is written in such a way as to ease the reader into accepting the theologian’s ideas. The writings themselves span a series of topics, ranging from the nature of sin to the justification of prayer. It is important to given consideration  to the fact that thought Luther’s ideas seem to have singular themes, his writings as a whole have a centralized narrative which is tightly focused on worshipping God and holding him above any man made institution of belief. In fact the only other thing besides God that Luther seems to hold reverence for is the Holy Scriptures and the message that lies therein.

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