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Therefore the blindness of Omeros is not treated as a defect in the poem, rather it grants him divine prowess, as the poet says ‘Since the disease had obliterated vision’ he ‘moved by a sixth sense’ as ‘blindness was not the end’[1] The narrator gives Omeros godly reverance and invokes in the very commencement of the poem, ‘O open this day with the conch’s moan, Omeros, / as you did in…

my childhood, when I was a noun/ gently exhaled from the palate of the sunrise’[2]. Some of the critics are also of the view that Omeros is the god himself because the narrator says that he has ‘always heard/ your voice in that sea’ and ‘your name was as wide as a bay’[3] But some other critics renounce the claim by arguing that as Omeros is the second name of Homer so he is not any divine figure but just a poet who has inspired the narrator, as the narrator rejoices at the fact that ‘I was the freshest of all your readers’[4].

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