Attracting employees can only be attained by focusing on the identification of the competences and making use of those capabilities throughout the process of attracting talented employees. Various models of competence are essential for Human capital management systems. There are several organizations who use different languages in the time of illustrating the process of hiring talents, necessities for training, along with the criteria for the promotion. Besides, the problem is worsened only when those organizations operate not only in different cultures but also in different countries. The organization can communicate with their employees to describe the performance of one unit to the following unit by using an agreed-upon competence model.

The whole talent management system is based on competencies. Furthermore, competencies re-count the course of scheduling, hiring and selecting talent from the very beginning of the procedure. Concocting as well as improving talent focuses on equal competencies; handling, gratifying and inspiring employees to emphasis these competencies. In addition, Competencies for a specific job even for a similar job can differ.

A competency is a consistently quantifiable, comparatively lasting characteristic of a community, individual, or organization that forecasts statistically, the principle or level of performance. Moreover, features of competency are information, communication skills, attracting talent is a longstanding subject. Although the attraction of a place for working covers several subjects, there are two very significant ones recount to the subject of evolving a talent magnet.

The first issue is being an employer of choice, demonstrating a good place for working. Besides, the second issue is that either the general status or the brand of employment of the organization. It is the point to be noted that the employers of choice have numerous things in common such as not only they identify but also they establish a balance program for their work-life that comes across requirements throughout the business, employers of choice own the capability to give support to the firm tied to responsibility of the individual, enjoy a pleasant and conventionally rich atmosphere, and functioning a business that is accountable to the entire community.