Sample Essay

The world as FLAT:

In the second part of the book where the author has derived the world as flat it is in context with the globalization. The author suggests that the biggest deficiency of globalization is that it gives ways for much more production and consumption by many people. The more the world would become flat the more there would be a rise in manufacturing which would be producing toxic gases and other wastes ultimately hitting the overall climate (Taibbi).

The world as CROWDED:

This is the third aspect on which Friedman has thrown light. The author believes that the global increase in population would in other words means more demand and more demand would result in more production and more energy consumption.

All in all in this book the multi Pulitzer winning journalist believes that the waste causing pollution cannot be ignored. The last innovation that was done to reduce this was the invention of nuclear power which is more than half a century old. Friedman says that America can play an important role in this entire situation. Ever since the 9/11 the American image is been damaged and leading the way in this cause would mean that the overall image would become better.


According to the author there is a great need of awareness in the general public, reason being that this is not the job of a single person everyone has to contribute in it to make the world a better place to live. For that he believes that a synchronized top to bottom approach is required which would integrate the consumers and the manufactures to respond in better way.

The title of the book gives a good bit of idea that what is coming i.e. hot, flat, and crowded are the three most crucial trends that the world is facing. The author has given facts and figure regarding the pollution caused by the burning and reimbursement of forests. According to Friedman 20-25% of the total carbon emission comes from burning thee forests and not to e surprised that this rate is more than the combined emission s of the world’s total cars, planes, trains and other vehicles (Maher).

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