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When we consider the changes and effects which felt on the international politics after these attacks, then the most significant change which one would observe would be the change in the American foreign policy. Soon after the terrorist attacks the newly elected Bush administration shifted its approach from unilateralism to multilateralism. Many consider that this policy shift was because of strategic nature, which was to cope up with the current situation, and to seek help from the intelligence agencies of other counties to trace out the terrorists (Boulden 2004).

After the end of the cold war a common perception which prevailed was that after the demise of the Soviet Union there would be a multi polar world but this was not the case as the US remained to be the most powerful. Some of the experts argued that the world would became better with the US unipolarity reason being that as US is the only super power of the world and if US is not capable of maintaining security in its region then no other country would be able to provide a better alternative. Secondly US was the only country whose influence was widespread (Waltz 2008).

While these attacks brought lots of changes another thing which was of noticeable attention was that as the war against terrorism became international collations were formed. Around hundred collation partners followed the US for the response against terrorism. The event was not only tough for the terrorist but it was also a clear message by the Bush’s famous words that “either you are with us, or you are with the terrorist.”

This was another major shift that had a major impact on the international politics. The US emerged stronger after the event of 9/11 and also was able to add to its strength with increasing budgets on military and intelligence expenditure. Also how they convinced the world that the war against terrorism was not their individual war but the whole world is getting affected by it (Smith 2002).

By far the most important political change that happened was that ever since the demise of the Soviet Union there is a clear imbalance of power in the world. There is no other country in the world that can challenge US economically, military or technologically. They are controlling most of the happenings in the Western Europe and with the introduction of three old Soviet Union countries in the NATO would allow them to establish their military bases in that region and eventually fulfill their primary objective which is the encirclement of China (Waltz 2008).

Apart from all the reason given in accordance to the war against terrorism, it’s a lost battle for the US. After over nine years in Afghanistan there is no positive news coming from the ground. Same was the result in Iraq where the weapons of mass destructions (WMD) were never found. Billions of dollars have been spent on these results less wars, and if even a slight bit of this would have been spent on the economic conditions of the public this current recession would not have taken place.

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