Sample Essay

The movie reaches its climatic stage when in a scene De Niro and Pacino have a conversation over their life style. In the meeting Pacino says to De Niro that he would not be tentative in killing him if his death would mean the safety of other innocent peoples, the same time De Niro points out at Pacino stating that he will also not be hesitant if the cops box him.

The movie has a climactic scene when one of De Niro’s men betrayed him and told the police about De Niro’s latest plan which is to rob a bank. Trejo is his name and he revealed to the police at which bank De Niro is going to hit. Pacino and his men immediately headed towards the bank where they came to know that De Niro and the gang were already there. The robbery was done excellently and flawlessly but as the gang was approaching the gateway one of De Niro’s men saw Pacino hiding at the other side of the street.  A major gun fight then takes place at the road of Los Angeles. During the fight one of Pacino’s men died with several other injured.

This is the most intriguing scene of the whole movie where there is an outburst at the road. After that the movie takes some twist and turn until the final encounter between De Niro and Pacino at the airport freight terminal. During the series of events Pacino gets sight of De Niro and shoots him on his chest wile De Niro was taking his final breaths the movie ends at the dialogue by De Niro that he would not have to go back to jail (Mann, 1995).

The only loop whole that is found in the movie is the role of the women. The film does not depict the clear picture what does the women’s have to do or where they are going to fit in. Specially the characters of Diane Venora who has played Pacino’s wife and Amy Brenneman who is De Niro’s girlfriend, seems like both of them are lost in the movie or it can be said their roles are out of sight with Pacino’s and De Niro’s performance. Overall it’s an outstanding movie, it’s a bit long but this is an assurance that it wouldn’t let you sleep. Mann’s is the same person who created Miami Vice, his deep inside study of good and bad can be viewed in the movie.       From its title and theme it looks like just another cops and robbers movie but its characterization and the cat and mouse game between Pacino and De Niro is just fantastic making it the movie a must watch.

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