Sample Essay

Gooding Jr. and his mentor, played by Donald Sutherland, are the basic representatives of the Psychiatrists involved in diagnosing patients. Gooding Jr. volunteers to diagnose Hopkins, and as the movie progresses, he displays a sense of change through Hopkins wisdom. The situation changes as Gooding Jr. involves himself in the affairs of the asylum due to the progress he makes with Hopkins, such as when he forcibly changes the way one individual is selected out of the pool of patients for their weekly visit out in fresh air.

The original system of selection, had flaws so that the most dominant male patient got to be the one chosen each time. Gooding Jr. playing the role of an attractor, therefore brings change to the organization and improves the system in a way that avoids chaos (previously a part of the system), improves the relationship of the patients with the doctors, and causes them to unite in support.


Organization as an instrument of domination was less apparent in the organizations at hand in the movie, more to be seen in the day-to-day running of the asylum, where the officers manage the patients by dominating them with threats and a sense of fear. This was not as apparent in the justice system though, and as such, Morgan’s theories of metaphoric representations cannot be distinctly applied for the two organizations portrayed in the movie except when it came to describing the asylum as one of flux and transformation.

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