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Essay on the Movie Sicko | Term Paper Queen

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In the second part of the movie Moore travels to different part of the world to explore their healthcare system. While he was in England Moore interviewed a couple being discharged from the hospital with a newly born baby. Moore asked that how much the baby cost to them and the parents’ replied nothing this isn’t America. According to the couple giving payment for the delivery of baby is somewhat a laughing stock in other countries.

As a matter of fact Moore argues that the reason why the basic health services are privatized is because this is where the real money is. Moore said that sickness is a major business in America and the health insurance companies and the pharmaceutical giants are cashing on this big time (Kugel, 2007).

To sum it up it could be said that Sicko is a thought provoking and eye opening movie. The director has been able to aware the public that they also have the right to be well. State run health system is successfully being run in most of the developed countries so why the American’s are deprived of it. The movie also provides high official something to think about and to reach a solution which is in best interest of the people of America.

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