Sample Essay

I also attend a few meetings with young people who hope to become successful business entrepreneurs in the future. During these meetings, there is often the scenario that someone comes up with a totally new and radical idea or concept. According to Lesson 3 B of the assigned reading, the views of all the participants should be taken into account, otherwise there is no purpose served by organizing a meeting (“Oral” Communication: More than Words, 2009).

However, in practice, when someone in the group brings forth a solution to a problem or a new idea that may not be conventional, most people scoff or humiliate that person and this causes embarrassment to that person. The result is that the individual in question may refrain from opening his or her mouth too often and might become another critic instead of the innovator or problem solver that he or she once was. This is mainly the fault of the close mindedness of the people surrounding him in the meeting. It can also be because of jealousy.

Another point to mention is that even though it is the group of critics that are to blame, the speaker is not always just a victim. It is the speaker’s fault is he or she does not prepare for what is to be said, how to say it and what tone and anecdotal examples to use, keeping in mind the audience at hand. Therefore, planning beforehand is very important in all meetings as is the equal level of participation and input from all members present in the meeting.

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