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Essay: Opposing Discrimination and Poverty | Term Paper Queen

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Thomas Jackson in this innovative explanation dares us to tackle what King and progress campaigners identify from enduring practices: that the primary troubles of authority are racism and poverty, entailing substantial political recruitment on behalf of monetary as well as civil privileges. Jackson also makes the reader compelled to think by portraying intolerance stranded in the grant and obtain of society structure and in the huge pile up of educating it demanded—from delays, annoyance and unsettled predicaments, but also from the continuing delusion of political and economic democratic systems (Jackson).


The book has a total exposure of Martin Luther King’s struggle towards civil and economic justice. The author Thomas F. Jackson has justified many parts of King’s striving and consistent pursuit towards achieving justice and liberty by defeating racism, imperialism and the misuse of federal power. King’s speeches are iconic and thought provoking, compelling readers to think his way and analyze human kind by the content of their character instead of their skin color. The author has no doubt embellished the book with a broad range of point of views that remarkably illustrates King’s devotion towards opposing discrimination and poverty. Suggesting this book as a must-have in the library of a history oriented individual and scholar is not a wrong statement at general.

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