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Essay: Organizational Structure | Term Paper Queen

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The organizational structure plays a very important role in the success of any business whether service oriented or manufacturing. Stiff organizational and departmental structures often yield poor results which creates the need for a flexible organizational structure with a capacity of alteration when the need arises. Sometimes when a company gets customized special orders the rigid organizational structures cannot cope with the modified requirements. The organizational structure of Electro-Light will thus be quite flexible and will be designed on the basis of typical structures in manufacturing companies.

The organizational structure of the company will not only define communication levels but will provide for more efficient and effective business processes with fewer margins of inadequacy.  The Chief Executive Officer will be assisted by the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for running the overall operations of the company. The scope of responsibility for the Chief Operating Officer will be broad and 5 managers will be reporting to the officer directly and will be responsible for individual departments of Production, Marketing, Sales, Quality, Research and Development. The Chief Financial Officer will be responsible for the overall financial structure of the company with two subordinate managers of cost and finance. The functions, responsibilities and roles of all personnel at every organizational level will be clearly defined through the organization chart of the company to enable efficiency and effectiveness.

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