Sample Essay

The website project will be developed in accordance with the needs of Capricorn Mini Mart to enhance its sales and expand its customer base. Hence, during the design and development of the website, care would be taken to ensure that the website and its contents are appealing, visible and easy to navigate for the visiting customer.

The website would also ensure user privacy and protection by enabling separate maintenance of user profiles with the user of login credentials (Hoffer, George & Valacich, 2007).

Detail Statement of Work

Work Commencement Date: 1st of May 2010

Week 1

– Project Proposal is submitted.

– Early Prototype work begins.

Week 2

– Early Prototype with most basic functionality is completed.

Week 3 – Second Prototype development with complete database integration and session management begins.

Week 4 – Second Prototype development is completed.

Week 5 – Website designing starts.

Week 6 – Website designing finishes.

Week 7 – Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of the website is completed and evaluated.

Week 8 – Modifications are made on the basis of evaluation and final release is completed.

Proposed Schedule (Time)

The agreed date for the start of work on the project is 1st of May, 2010. Sufficient resources in terms of time and efforts will be dedicated to complete the work within the given period of two months. In this regard, a Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) would be developed before the start of the work

Project Budget

A bid of $200 is made for the project while keeping hold of all processing, Intellectual Property and Copyright.


Formative and Summative evaluation will be made in the seventh week of the project. The outcomes of these evaluations will be monitored and user for remediation of identified problems (Hoffer, George & Valacich, 2007).

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