Sample Essay

Hatfield, which had been concerned by Squire R. M. Stafford, a Justice of the Peace of Magnolia District, Mingo County, West Virginia, for the capture of Sid Hatfield, Bas Ball, Tony Webb and others, which was later intended for to Albert C. Felts for implementation. Sid Hatfield appeared to show no reaction on his catch because he strolled down the railroad track with Mr. Felts, amused and chatting. Under some ploy, he lured Mr. Felts in front of the Chambers Hardware Store.

Sid Hatfield proceeded into the hardware store where Isaac Brewer, Ben Mounts, Dutch Roeher, and others were available. Mr. Felts stayed on the outside. While Mr. Felts was stood outside, a query was heaved as to the authenticity of the warrant. At this time, Mr. Felts was encircled by a big swarm of men. Mayor Tester-man came close and Mr. Felts gave the warrant to him for inspection. While the warrant was being inspected by Mayor Tester-man, and when Albert Felts was unaware, Sid Hatfield got his revolver up and raised it at the head of Albert Felts and fired. This initiated the shooting at general and overall several hundred shots being fired (McCoy).

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