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It was surely the weakness of the UN that had limited the ‘peacekeeping operations’ for the mere  ‘monitoring ceasefires’ and to ‘maintain bufferzones’ as well as to observe borders only[1]. Moreover it is also said to be the failure of the UN that there was no such legalised and authoritative force to pursue the aim of keeping peace and to assert military command so as to respond appropriately and in the most rightful way to the elements that transgress the demarcations of keeping peace.

In addition ‘international forces’ did not enjoy the liberty of moving limited authority so as to decide the emplyment of the operations as was witnessed when it was ‘Israel’ rather than the UN that decided the ‘deployment’ of the ‘peacekeepers’ [2].

The ‘principles of consent, impartiality and the non use of force’ had their own problems[3]. As the ‘consent principle’ had proved a failure in enforcing comprehensive actions as was witnessed in the case of Cyprus [4]. On the other hand, the ‘impartiality’ of the United Nations had made the possibility of solving tension an illusion[5]. As another failure of the UN was in the case of Cyprus when the organization failed to respond to the aggressive actions undertaken by the Cypriots of Greece as well as the assail of the Turks which made the ‘mandate’ of the UN as a futile and insignificant one[6].

[1] Same as 9(24)

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