Sample Essay

Another book written by James Q. Wilson spoke about the roe, children who grew up to be criminals are often emotionally unstable in their youth as compared to non offenders. They also found links between body types, IQs and personality types and the susceptibility of committing a crime. Their contention was that individuals more likely to commit crimes have lower IQs than other people in society. It must be considered however, that the authors acknowledge that not all criminals have a lower IQs; however, the lower IQ does leave them susceptible to committing crimes which have immediate rewards such as rapes or muggings.

Thus, they are also more likely to be caught than their smarter brethren. They also found that criminals often have either a muscular body type or a more linear body type as compared to the rest of the population. They also found that criminals tend to have a dominant and energetic personality type which makes them unable to accept the rules of society as when compared to normal individuals who are far more restrained and accepting of such regulations. They also found that such individuals have a much harder time being conscientious of their decisions than other individuals (Wilson & Herrnstein, 1998).

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