Sample Essay

All the strengths set aside, PepsiCo’s reputation and revenue is adversely affected one way or the other because of inability to overcome their weakness which foremost includes concentration of most of their revenues coming from Wal-Mart.

This reduces the bargaining power of the company as they are dependent on a few customers.  Revenues of PepsiCo are therefore lower than their competitors. What contributes to PepsiCo’s success is their constant ability to offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of varying styles of living and their requirements. Currently the company is busy taking great and successful strategic steps in order to increase their market susceptibility. This includes acquisitions and partnering in order to be able to offer a broad array of products to their customers. 

Some of these steps practically taken include acquiring Lebedyansky, V Water and widening its partnership with Unilever for Lipton (Gutierrez, 2007). PepsiCo plans to go on broadening the range of its products in accessible groups and develop into contiguous ones. This sequence of inventiveness would allow the business to widen its product line and help it to infiltrate into untouched markets.

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