Sample Essay

Many social and environmental factors are responsible for this sudden increase. Genetics, though always being cited as an important factor does not fully explain the sudden increase in obesity among ethnic communities. According to the centre for disease control the numbers of children in the 6-11 year range who are overweight are 25.6% for Mexican boys and 16.6% for Mexican girls. From the 12-19 year range it includes 20% and 17.1% of Mexican boys and girls respectively. Caucasian and African American statistics all number around 15% percent (Centre for Disease Control, 2007).

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and metabolism cites that the percentage of obese children in the United States based on the greater than 95th percentile showed 21.5% for African-Americans, 21.8% for Hispanics, and 12.3% for non-Hispanic whites. They also said that overweight children in all racial groups were heavier than they have been in the past. However African Americans and Mexican American were in the majority in this case. African American women aged 6-19 years showed the most increase with a prevalence of 26.6% (Slyper, 2004).

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