Sample Essay

Implementation of this program would require collaboration amongst various stakeholders and decision makers that are affected by this situation in varied ways. Apart from the school administrators and staff, Moffit (2000) and Guerra (2003) propose that community leaders, students, department of mental health, department of public health, parents, community leaders and police officers would play an elemental role.

This group of individuals was motivated by the increase in obesity cases that culminated in profound behavioral constraints. Notably, the spill over effects of drug abuse, bullying and violence were also being felt in the community. Further, the parents were concerned about the deteriorating standards of education that were being contributed to by unhealthy living by both the educators and the students. Notably, this had the capacity to undermine the growth and behavioral development of students and future citizens. Further, it is worth acknowledging that previous efforts like strict disciplinary measures had failed dismally to counter the situation. Since other schools that had implemented the wellness programs had succeeded in curing violence and enhancing academic performance, it was decided that following suit would be effective.

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