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Essay: Perils of Immigration | Term Paper Queen

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The first effect of the immigration is the perils that one is exposed to while proceeding towards the destination in the very beginning of the journey. The young Afghan immigrants have to face severe hardships during their journey that some of them loose their lives. The journey is carried out through lorry and other vehicles which lack sufficient facilities for the boys.

As Abdullah, an Afghan immigrant, reveals horrendous details of his journey to Europe where he ‘hid in the wheels of a lorry on a ferry to Italy’ and the long journey of 40 hours left him to starvation ‘with no food and only one bottle of water’  (Foulkes, 2003). The horrible journey would continue to haunt the memories of the young boy who underwent ‘threats’ by Taliban owing to his community but as he left for a better future things were not found as easier as he had anticipated.

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