Sample Essay

In 1952 Strauss’s ‘Persecution and the Art of Writing’ was published that presented an important point about the philosophers that some philosophers write esoterically to avoid the persecution by religious or political authorities. Strauss suggested esoteric writing as the most appropriate for philosophical learning as enhances the flood of thought of the readers and they are provoked to think for themselves. He argued that since all writings are inherently available to the readers so philosopher ‘could expound only such opinions as are suitable for the non-philosophic majority: all of this writing has to be, strictly speaking, exoteric’ (Strauss, Persecution and the Art of Writing).

Strauss’s contribution to political philosophy and Jewish thought are remarkable especially the essay, ‘Why We Remain Jews’, deals with the challenge posed to Judaism by modern secular thought(Deutsch and Nicgorski).

In his personal life Strauss was an atheist although he showed his loyalties to his religion and contributed in proving the utility of religion. He has also shown his abhorence of atheism in his works on Max Weber and openly denounced contemporary dogmas for their being irrational and ushered that one must be the theologian open to the challenge of philosophy or the philosopher open to the challenge of theology (Deutsch and Nicgorski). Strauss in the interplay of Jerusalem and Athens (or reason and revelation) tried to seek to hold revelation to the rigours of reason.

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