Sample Essay

As the discussion is on the topic of globalization then it would be more common if associated with large-scale business redeployments i.e. applications which mean that back-office function allocation would be done. This is known as person to person off shoring. Green sourcing is the rise of energy price due to CIO’s radar. Similarly there are virtual worlds as well which makes it easier for the companies who have to validate hiring operations of offshore employees whose duties may include building of virtual offices. Virtual offices in real life are nothing but a computer system set up at workplace or home place. The concept of virtual world being outsourced by some sources is relatively new. However, thrust is produced because business is increasing day by day apart from the fact that the concept is new. The idea to produce a virtual economy gets to mankind more than 10, 000 jobs (Lomas, 2007).

IT globalization infrastructure is getting easier to set up with the presence of intranets and extranets. These intranets and extranets give an easy and cheap approach to exploit the internet for globalization purposes. Small and midsized firms are doing businesses throughout the world with the help of internet. Huge multinationals are establishing relationship with these small and midsized firms strategically (Muthyala, 2008).

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