Sample Essay

From the data provided it can be clearly seen how certain personality traits can provide an added advantage towards career success for both men and women across a wide occupational field. It can also be seen how the existence of such traits can provide an indication of career disposition and work ethic. Additionally it can also be seen how the emergence of such personality types can lend themselves more towards certain occupations rather than others and lead towards aspects of status in society and personal self-satisfaction towards the work itself. However, it must be mentioned that even though studies above have shown causal analysis which proves correlation between certain traits and occupational success.

The evidence itself is not foolproof and does not provide a complete and absolute picture for the occupational success of all individuals. Additionally, taking into account that definitions of success may vary across individual careers, there is also no evidence to suggest that the presence of Conscientiousness, Extraversion and Openness to Experience will be predictive factors for both intrinsic as well as extrinsic success. It should also be noted that even though these studies show how successful careers might be, they fail to consider the long term sustainability or if the traits are truly predictors of long terms performance.

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