Sample Essay

Another study conducted in 1991 chose three criterion to define work proficiency (capability in the occupation, training efficiency and individual data) and found that three personality types lend themselves well to successful job performance, they are Conscientiousness and Emotional stability as the positive form of Neuroticism (Barrick and Mount 1991).

The study made a supposition that these two personality traits are essential to gauge an individual’s job performance since they show how an employee will approach tasks at work. A person who is conscientious will be thorough, tenacious, dependable, reliable and meticulous while those who are emotionally liable will allow their negative feelings to impact their work ethic and in turn subscribed themselves to failure by letting their feelings of inadequacy affect their job performance. The importance of Emotional liability comes into play even more when we consider that according to Costa and McRae neuroticism is the most common personality trait amongst all individuals (Barrick and Mount 1991).

The study also took into consideration that certain type of work may lend themselves to personality types which were not completely defined by the two mentioned above. In this case they took the example of those occupations in which positive customer interactions were key to job satisfaction and promotion and found that extraversion and agreeableness constituted two dimensions which were key factors to success (Barrick and Mount 1991).

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