Sample Essay

I am writing about a fellow of mine back in the school days. Her name was ______. I am going to highlight the behavior he possessed in various aspects of life with respect to the schools of thought in psychology.

The individual was a kind of an extroverted person. She used to talk a lot and took up every possible challenge that came across in her academic, social and personal life. She was a competitive student in the batch and secured good grades at the end of each semester. She was a kind-hearted person though, but when something didn’t proceed in her way, she used to get a bit angry and frustrated. She was an enthusiastic and sporty type of personality. She also took part in project works that were assigned to us in the light of our subjects like Social Studies and History.

She had a decent personality and was a well-mannered person in whole: she respected all teachers and the members of school including the cafeteria chefs which made most of the people compelled to think about her broad minded thinking. She never relied on a self-made set of norms; instead she behaved normally and moved towards everything as it came to her at the first place. She was not at all egoistic but she used to keep her self-respect well secured at all times. In my opinion she was one girl eligible to be called a good individual.

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