Sample Essay

The production team for Light Emitting Diodes will be divided in three levels. The firs level will include production managers responsible for the production and quality of units. The second level will include supervisors responsible for manufacturing of each component of the diodes and will be reporting to the production managers on issues of quantity and quality of produced units. The production personnel will be directly involved with the manufacturing of diodes in different phases.

The sales division will also be divided into three levels where area and regional sales managers will directly report to the company sales managers reporting on issues of sales targets and growth and decline in demand of the product in various regions. The sales managers will be responsible for a team of sales representatives allocated to different areas in a region. The quality assurance and control department will include two levels where quality control officers will report to quality control managers and these managers will report to the chief operating officer of the company. The finance and cost departments will involve officers for each function area such as inventory control, depreciation, taxation, payroll and receivables.

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