Sample Essay

Drug or alcohol abusers have the greatest problem that they are not aware of being uncontrollable. Seeing the other abusers they feel they are alright. An honest criticism would help their behavior to set up an objective for themselves. Intervention lets a person realize the profoundness of his problem. At any stage of addiction a trained professional is the one who can persuade the addict towards recovery as it is a systematic, non-judgmental and non-critical process.

However it is the greatest task to force an abuser to endure any treatment and on the other hand another major issue is to keep the abuser from getting worse by any minor mistake. Proper strategy and timing must be taken to persuade a defensive addict who grows sterner and insecure from the world around him as intervention conduction is a subtle and obscure issue (Drug and Alcohol Abuse Intervention, Inc., 2008).

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