Sample Essay


The pillow method is a means of gaining and providing empathy to a person with whom the disagreement is with. Empathy is defined as the ability to re-create another’s perspective (Adler and Proctor’s, 2007).

The Disagreement

The disagreement in question concerns work ethics. My co-worker argues that discipline with timing should be maintained at all times especially where it concerns the time to go home whereas I argue that rigidity in work timings with regards to the closing of the office should not be maintained at all times as it may prove risky in matters of urgency. Since business is all about taking the right decisions, the timing seems important and availability of important staff is essential in those stringent situations.

Rendering the Disagreement According to the Pillow Method

My position is correct

Since I work in the customer service department, I consider my colleagues and myself as a team of efficient inter-connected individuals who have to complete tasks assigned within the given time frame. This works well for banks catering specifically to the domestic market alone but since we engage in international business, such as foreign exchange and investment funds, our clients could be international as well. The concern here becomes not just about embodying the decisions of the supervisors but also to match the timings of those abroad. Since the time zones are not always the same when it comes to undertaking global trade between different countries, take USA and Australia for example, we cannot always work 9-5 and also be synced with our partners overseas in real time. This is why having flexible off hour’s enables employees to be available at hand in case of urgent work at the hands of overseas clients.

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