Sample Essay

It is concluded that the market entry of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts in newer locations not only facilitates the growth of the company but also assists in the accomplishment of the organizational goals. The value of the company has increased and as the company searches new horizons and establishes hotels in the international arena it closes in on the leading hotel chains of the world. The reputation of the hotel chain as a top quality five star hotel has also increased.

Shangri-La is already the leader and pioneer of luxury hotels in Asia and it can enhance this image to a global leader by extending to various parts of the world. The company has slightly amended its strategies to adapt to the conditions in various countries after internationalization of its hotel chains. The most important challenge for the company is to cope with the socio-economic and cultural differences in the specific host countries where the company has established its hotels. There are other challenges the company faces in the new areas which relate to marketing strategies of the company with increased global competition in the hospitality industry. As the company plans to open hotels in newer locations around the world the magnitude of these challenges increase which amplifies the need for a vibrant, experienced and knowledgeable management.

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