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Essay: Place Strategy | Term Paper Queen

Sample Essay

The strategic location of the firm enables it not only to procure material at lower costs but also sell finished products to various domestic and international customers. The setup of the company in Russia makes it easily accessible to markets of Asian, Eastern and Central European countries. The easy access to the company’s products will be a competitive and strategic edge.

The company will ensure the availability of Light Emitting Diodes in areas where the products have not been promoted extensively by other companies. The products will be easily available to industrial and commercial users of Light Emitting Diodes in Russia through simple ordering procedures. Distribution channels play a very important role in the sales of a company. Though the company might face some problems in establishing effective distribution channels in the early stages, it will set up effective distribution channels through local and international support. If the need arises the company will also use the traditional and effective distribution channels of the parent company. The company will provide easy sales and access points to its customers in several parts of Russia and in some parts of Asia and Europe.

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